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Mar 16, 2018
The event focuses on the transformation of customer interactions and will have national and international speakers of the BPO industry

Enghouse Interactive, worldwide leader provider of omnichannel solutions for contact centers focused on offering technology and expertise to maximize the value of each interaction, will sponsor the 15th Andean Congress of Contact Centers and CRM on May 8, 9 and 10 in Bogota.

One of the main keys of the transformation of customer interactions is engagement, which is based upon capture and analysis of data. Studying this information allows to gain understanding of specific characteristics and behaviors of customers, regardless of the channel of interaction used to communicate with companies, to obtain a complete view of their profile.
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Mar 13, 2018

The event will address the connected customer and the impact of their expectations in company’s business models

Madrid, 13th of March 2018 – Enghouse Interactive announces that it is sponsoring the second edition of Service Summit, an event organized by Salesforce, which will be held on March 20 at the Kinepolis Cinemas in Madrid.

Enghouse will have a booth in the partner’s exhibition area, where it will present the new version 11 of its ominchannel solution for Contact Center, Presence Suite, its solution for automation and self-service, Communications Portal and its quality management systems tool, QMS.

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Fev 13, 2018

The Tessi Group Company selected the Enghouse Interactive Presence Suite solution due of its flexibility, management independence and fast campaign implementation

Madrid, 12nd of February 2018Tessi Graddo BPO, a subsidiary company of Tessi Group, specialized in BPO operational services and contact center outsourcing, has chosen Enghouse Interactive solutions to address the company’s opening to the market, its growth and the marketing of its digital transformation services.

Prior to the implementation of Presence Suite, Tessi Graddo BPO used their customer’s infrastructure to run operations. This was an inefficient practice not only because they had to adapt to various technologies, which could or not be a CTI solution, but also hindered the daily operations when consolidating the information in their management and control applications.

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Jan 15, 2018
A supervisão das operações é reforçada com novas capacidades de colaboração, controlo e auditoria do sistema

Madrid, 15 de Janeiro de 2018 - Enghouse Interactive lança no mercado a nova versão 11.0 da sua solução Contact Center multicanal Presence Suite, com o objetivo de aumentar a experiência do cliente através da prestação de serviços mais eficazes e produtivos.

Esta nova versão introduz importantes recursos que aprimoram a experiência do agente, graças às instalações em cooperação com os supervisores do Contact Center através de assistência imediata, e com sessões de Chat internas e acesso facilitado a características de intrusão e de escuta das conversas.

Um aspeto distintivo desta nova versão é a gestão segmentada de serviços outbound com base em perfis de atenção. Isso faz com que dentro de um mesmo serviço possam ser atribuídos agentes concretos para gerenciar clientes específicos, aumentando assim sua produtividade e eficácia.

A versão 11 aprimora a experiência do cliente com o novo visualizador de interações Onmicanal. Isso permite associar cada interação multicanal da viagem do cliente em um histórico unificado, o que faz com que o agente pode oferecer uma melhor experiência de serviço.

Esta nova versão da Presence Suite apresenta uma mudança substancial na maneira para exibir os argumentos do agente, que orienta a sua gestão com o cliente, graças ao layout de várias colunas, tornando-se mais ágil e eficaz apresentação e captura de informações.
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Dez 19, 2017

The financial institution increased efficiency and productivity of its campaigns, optimizing resources and labor force

Financiera Comultrasan, Colombian credit and savings institution, chose the Presence Suite of Enghouse Interactive to transform its contact center´s operations and offer an enhanced customer experience.

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Nov 29, 2017

This initiative represents numerous competitive advantages to eventual integrations and customizations required in order to deliver value to their customers

Enghouse Interactive,  and 3Corp Technology, a Brazilian company focused on delivering the best and most advanced solutions for TI and Telecom infrastructure, announce their partnership, to explore new business opportunities. This alliance will concentrate all efforts in offering Enghouse Interactive solutions to the Brazilian market.

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Nov 09, 2017

Management times, agent occupation and service levels were improved, while abandonment rate was reduced

Cobyser, a Colombian company specializing in debt recovery, chose the Presence Suite from Enghouse Interactive, a global leading provider of technology and expertise which maximizes the value of every customer interaction, to optimize its collection processes for its customers.

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Mai 15, 2017
May, 2017

Enghouse Interactive, a multi-channel provider of Contact Center Solutions, continue with its upward path in the Gartner, Inc. Contact Center Infrastructure Magic Quadrant.

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Set 26, 2017
The company will address the reality of the digital transformation in the contact center in a roundtable discussion

Madrid, 26th of September 2017Enghouse Interactive, is sponsoring the 20th edition of Expo Relación Cliente, a congress organized by IFAES which will be held on October 4th and 5th in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid.

One year after the acquisition of Presence Technology by Enghouse, the company will present their business solutions at stand B12 and unveil the functional innovations of its multi-channel solution for the Contact Center, Presence Suite.

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Out 04, 2017

This solution will replace the Presence’s IVR solution from the Contact Center Multichanel Suite. The Communications Portal will cover all the functionalities and advance requirements of the self-service needs.

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